Restoring the past and creating futures

Our mission: Restoring the past and creating futures

Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Grove 86' manlift is for sale!

You can see from the pictures below that this 86' manlift made a daunting job a breeze - well sort of. The machine avoided the costs of scaffolding rental which moved the completion of work up a year or more. As it happens we have another 86' machine which is older and doesn't have all the nifty features of this machine - but it will do the future jobs.

The Grove has a few minor issues that didn't matter for me working around my own place and could be fixed easily. It has one major issue in that it will only travel in slow speed - no good in a rental environment but no problem for an owner/operator the way I use it.

We are asking $19,500 FOB Glen Williams for a 1999 Grove AMZ86 Articulated Manlift.

view of Beaumont Mill from Grove 86

view of Credit River in our back yard!

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