Restoring the past and creating futures

Our mission: Restoring the past and creating futures

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dormer windows let in the light at last!

The third floor dormer windows have been boarded up from long before our moving in (1988). Their restoration less important than getting the main building functional and by the daunting cost of doing work about 40' off the ground. This past year the aquisition of an 80' manlift changed all that and work could finally get under way. A side benefit is that we have the highest flag pole in the Glen!
South side - before
typical before condition

There were no sash left behind so they all had to be created from scratch by Paisley Architectural Millwork Ltd who also created the sash for the windows along the road in 1989, the first year of restoration work.

Sash painted and glazed in background, assembly jig in foireground
First finished sample

It was determined that the best way to do the dormers would be to create complete replacement frames in the boatshop then install them from the outside with the manlift. The originals were all rotted out at the bottoms and the sills. We purchased the lumber and machined the parts before painting and assembling them.

from this...
to this! Let there be light!

My nephew Lucas Black came over to assist withthe installation of the first sample assembly - we found a few little things needed modificatioin before assembling the rest. This was done the following week.
The first dormer done...
Cousin Hugh drops in with Peter Wilson

The following weekend we installed the first 9 sets all down the north side and 2 on the south side.

two to go on north side
What a difference!

The last 6 sets were installed by local carpenters as we thought bad weather was coming momentarily.

South side nearly done
preparing for new frame assembly

It was amazing to have this space converted from a "dungeon" to a bright new possibility!



  1. Restoration looks terrific. Good job!

  2. A liitle less scary. Windows Eh? A great improvement. Well done.
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